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Project Description

Project: Southern Cross, Bray Co. Wicklow
Location: Bray, Co. Wicklow
Client: Lioncor
Units: 160 Apartments, 36 Houses & 18 Duplex Homes
Start Date: 2019
Completion Date: 2022
BER: A Rated

Southern Cross Central is a new exciting residential development that consists of 160 apartments, 18 duplex homes and 30 houses. The development adds to and enhances the existing housing stock in Bray, whilst the retail element creates a newand attractive community node along the busy Southern Cross Road which runs into Bray.

Bray consist of a 2 stage development with stage 1 consisting of Supervalue retail unit with a floor area of approx 2500m2. There is also a neighbourhood centre with units designed for local needs including a creche, pharmacy and vetinary clinic. The project also included major upgrading works to Bray Southern Cross Road with a new roundabout on the main thoroughfare to provide access to the new retail development and the business park opposite. A carpark was designed for the commercial and community centre including disabled parking, family spaces, click and collect and e-parking spaces.
The second phase of the project consisted of the residential phase with 48 number house and duplex units and 160 Apartments in 4 number 5 storey apartment blocks. In order to achieve the space for carparking requirements on the site, 2 blocks and their associated podium area were constructed above an undercroft car parking space. The drainage works for the residential phase include the design of a foul pumping station in order to get the foul waste for the 208 units into the Irish Water main sewer. BMCE involvement on the project was to provide a full structural and civil deign brief including roads, civil infrastructure, house structural designs and apartment structural designs. BMCE then supervised the construction works in order to provide BCAR certification of the works this included liaising with the local authority on the roads layouts, roundabout designs and flood mitigation measures. Liaising with Irish Water on foul pumping station designs. The retail component commenced construction in 2019 and was completed in 2020, the residential works commenced in 2021 and were completed in 2022.


Project Details