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Specialist Services

In addition to our core structural and civil engineering design services BMCE offer a number of additional and related services briefly outlined below as follows:

1) Temporary works design

Temporary works design for contractors has been an important subsidiary element of BMCE’s work since the early days of the practice when we were involved in large-scale temporary works designs,  particularly façade retention on projects such as the Brown Thomas Store, M&S Grafton Street,  the Jervis centre, Smithfield village, Collins barracks and a number of buildings in Temple Bar, among others. Our service covers a full range of design elements including the following:

  • Earthworks supports for basement excavations
  • Facade retention
  • Needling, flat jacking and vertical propping
  • Crane based design

2) Project Supervisor Design Process

On projects where we have been appointed as the structural/civil engineering design. we also offer the PSDP services in accordance with the latest health and safety at work regulations construction and covering the following:

  • Coordination of risk assessments from otherconsultant’s
  • Preparation of a pre-limitary health and safety plan
  • Issuing of the AF1 for
  • Health and safety meeting is with the contractor and designers as required

3) Assigned Certifier

On projects where we have been appointed as the structural/civil engineering designer, we also offer the services of assigned certifier in accordance with the building control Amendment regulations 2014 (BCAR)

4) Structural Surveys

Structural Surveys covering reporting on structural survey buildings, and due diligence reporting pre-purchase reports.

5) Site Appraisal

Pre-planning site appraisal and desk study of available information covering services, road access, ground conditions flood risk and any other items relevant to a development of the site.

6) Insurance claim assessment

7) Peer review and value engineering

Acting for the client directly, or an interested third party/ financial institutions we can provide an independent assessment of the civil and structural design on a project typically covering structural adequacy, costs, suitability and buildability.

8) Expert witness

In a number of legal cases we have acted as a expert witness in relation to structural engineering aspects of a dispute